The B2B Web of Influence

Business Decision Makers are a key audience for BBC Studios and important to our advertising partners, however these people are not as rational and insular as you may think.

Our global qualitative and quantitative research with BDMs across different markets and sectors, with an additional look into the behavioural science, has uncovered an intricate web. By unpacking the key threads we can see who and what are influencing this group.

Download a top-line summary of the study below


The B2B Web of Influence is made up of four key threads

Trends include rising customer expectations, digital transformation, talent retention and data privacy – all having an influence on business decisions.

Junior employees are having more of an influence on decision making, especially at the start of a process in terms of ideation and identifying problems.

Customers or clients, suppliers and investors are all having increased impact on the day to day operations of a business.

Businesses use the media as a tool to monitor the latest news and trends, so their role is also growing and becoming more prominent. It can nudge decision making.


When we add in behavioural science, this is what we find…

Business Decision Makers respond to three personas:

People who show deep knowledge and understanding of their business and the problems relevant to the sector.

Information brokers or social hubs where you can connect people and ideas.

Straight talkers – magnetic and charismatic. They display a strength of character and are usually excellent storytellers and presenters.


When we bring together the WHO and HOW it allows us to understand Business Decision Makers as real people with real emotions and appreciate that we should be communicating with them in a meaningful way about the things they value.

Our insight study includes the data cut by geographical region and also by sector, including Finance, IT, Government, Conglomerates, Energy and Consultancies.

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