The annual World Travel Market in London brings together the global tourism industry…the BBC’s Tanya Beckett caught up with some of its leaders from around the world.


Florian Sengstschmid, CEO Azerbaijan Tourism Board

Developing and including local communities

“It’s not only about numbers, it’s about finding this balance between quality and quantity, so what we do is really improve the livelihoods of local people.” That’s the vision for tourism growth in Azerbaijan, which has a strong focus on developing and including local communities. Tanya Beckett talks to Florian Sengstschmid, CEO Azerbaijan Tourism Board.

Stretching the notion of seasonality

Bermuda’s Tourism Authority is focused on engaging local communities and balancing growth with sustainability. CEO Tracy Berkeley explains how “stretching out the notion of seasonality” is part of that plan.

Tackling overcrowding

Popular tourist destinations like Croatia are trying to lure visitors to their countries off-season to transform their sectors into year-round offerings. They want to avoid overcrowding while promoting jobs and growth. Kristjan Staničić, General Director, Croatian National Tourist Board talks to Tanya Beckett.

A.I. the next frontier of tourism.

Italy’s Tourism Board says A.I. is the next frontier in tourism. It will provide tourists with up-to-date information to avoid crowds and organize their visits. As well as embracing technology, Italy is promoting its villages as destinations and its transport system to improve sustainability. Tanya Beckett talks to Maria Elena Rossi, Director of Marketing & Promotion. Italian Tourism Board (ENIT)

Making sustainability at the heart of their strategy.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy.” That’s according to LATAM airlines, Latin America’s leading airline group. Davide Ioppolo, Regional Commercial Director, tells CEO Edit that ”it’s not easy to meet sustainable aviation fuel targets,’ but the company is committed.

Aiming to become the Tourism powerhouse of Asia.

The Philippines has the ambition of becoming the tourism powerhouse of Asia. Christina Frasco, Secretary of Tourism, explains how the country plans to achieve that and why education and working with the private sector are key.

Investment in infrastructure is shaping Qatar’s tourism ambitions

Qatar attracted world attention when it hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but has that led to a boom in tourism? The Chairman of Qatar Tourism, Saad Bin Ali Al Kharji, explains how investment in infrastructure for the event is helping shape tourism’s growth and ambitions, and why regional competition is a “good thing”.

Regenerative Development

“We originally focused on sustainability, but we soon realized that sustainability was no longer enough and we had to start focusing on regenerative development.” John Pagano, CEO of Red Sea Global, explains the shift in strategy and how his project is boosting job creation in Saudi Arabia.

Balancing tourism growth with sustainability

“The time is fast approaching where we will have to cap the number of hotel constructions and the number of visitors that we can receive.” That’s the outlook for the Seychelles as it tried to balance tourism growth with sustainability. Minster for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Seychelles, Sylvestre Radegonde explains why his country will never be a mass tourism destination..

Connectivity is key

“We need to increase and improve our air access.” Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille tells CEO Edit why improving connectivity, especially across the continent, as well as increasing safety and security, are vital for growth in South Africa’s tourism industry.

Ambitious targets for green tourism

“We will see Sri Lanka positioning ourselves as one of the first fully green tourism destinations.” An ambitious target for a country’s tourism industry that is just rebounding after a few very tough years. The Minister of Tourism, Harin Fernando, explains how they plan to achieve it and why regional tourism is important for short-term growth.

Attracting the younger traveller

“Thailand’s tourism industry is bouncing back and authorities have plans in place to avoid overcrowding. Nithee Seeprae from the Tourism Authority of Thailand explains what’s being done and why there’s a focus on attracting younger visitors to the country.

Balancing environment and tourist numbers

A new tourist train will bring more visitors to some of Mexico’s popular sites, including its Mayan ruins in the state of Yucatán. Michelle Fridman, Tourism Minister of the state, tells CEO Edit how she plans to manage tourist numbers while preserving the environment and local culture.

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Bumpy Road To Recovery?

Tourism on the island of Ireland is bouncing back, but concerns are growing that the recovery will be hampered by the cost of living crisis. Will it? And how difficult will it be to shift reliance from two main markets?

Rebuilding With Resilience

Island nations in the Pacific, which rely heavily on tourism, were hard hit by the pandemic. So what lessons did Fiji draw from dealing with climate challenges for years, to adjust and rethink tourism and development?

Domestic Saviours

When The Philippines’ doors were closed to international visitors, domestic tourists stepped up and came to the rescue. So how important will they be as the industry rebuilds its tourism industry and how difficult will it be to find new international markets?

Balancing Act

Tourists are increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment, so how are countries like Chile, which promotes its nature and parks, striking the balance between keeping the doors open and protecting nature?

Fast Train To Growth

Mexico is banking on infrastructure development to expand its tourism market and bring new opportunities to communities across the country in the coming years. What are the challenges ahead?

Regional Unity

Regional cooperation as well as young entrepreneurs and start-ups are playing a major role in the development of Bahrain’s tourism sector. So how much is that growth focused on the environment and local culture?

The Drive To Diversify

South Africa’s tourism market has been hit by multiple challenges and it’s now diversifying to build resilience. How is it managing to attract new investment while trying to lead the way in climate proofing?

Travel Predictions

Despite setbacks to its tourism industry at the start of the war in nearby Ukraine, Hungary is optimistic technology and data will enable it to develop its sector and react to future shocks.

Cultural Attraction

Cultural and spiritual tourism is helping Malaysia’s travel sector recover. But what is the country doing when it comes to sustainable travel and meeting growing consumer demands for eco-tourism and green options?

Pedalling To Success

Cycling, the great outdoors and rail tours are some of the attractions Taiwan hopes will bring more international visitors to its shores. What else does the island offer and how important is local culture to tourists?

Changing Habits

With tourists changing their travel habits, is Brazil resilient enough to weather future storms? How sustainable is the tourism sector and what it is doing to go green?

Going Green

California sees itself as a leader in going green and is working to restore and accelerate the recovery of its tourism industry. So how does the environment factor in the recovery?

Solving Overcrowding

The Lazio region in Italy is home to Rome, one of the most popular stops on tourist itineraries. So how are authorities planning to lure people out of the capital and to other areas to help solve the problem of overcrowding at tourist sites?

Transitioning for the Future

The shipping and logistics industry has been impacted by supply chain issues and is under pressure to cut its emissions to tackle climate change. How fast can it transition to green fuel and where are the opportunities for growth?

Balancing Consumer Needs

How are banks in Asia Pacific balancing the need to expand digital offerings while still providing in-person services? How important is that balance for future growth and how much is regional expansion vital for sustainability?

Diversifying an Economy

Angola wants to diversify its economy away from oil dependency by attracting more investment. So how successful has it been so far, what are the challenges and how much interest is there in investing in the African nation?


Opening up

How does a country deliver on its ambitions to open up to a new tourist market and grow travel and tourism into one of its biggest earners following the pandemic? And how will it compete with its more established neighbours?

Leading by example

The Covid-19 pandemic is another set-back for a country still rebuilding after a civil war and an Ebola outbreak. What is needed to reboot tourism and why does Sierra Leone believe it is an example for others?

Supporting sustainability

Island nations dependent on tourism and at risk from climate change are asking for support to enable them to build back better. But what does that “better” look like?

Regional outlook

Opening up more of the country to tourism is key to growth. That’s the outlook for some destinations as they try to attract tourists and ensure sustainability by avoiding overcrowding and providing more options.

Community outreach

Building back better has sustainability and the environment at its core. But what role are local communities playing in the drive for sustainability in the tourism industry?

Valuing staff

How difficult has it been to operate in countries with strict lockdowns and restrictions? What is the luxury travel industry doing to ensure its survival and what role does its staff play in its success?

Customer experience

How is tourism industry reshaping following the devastating impact of the pandemic and growing pressure to become more sustainable? Why is value for money and a good tourist experience at the heart of change for some destinations?

Cultural tourism

How does a destination with a large conference and meeting sector recover? Will an emphasis on culture and building world-class museums lure in tourists and grow the industry?

Quantity or quality?

Is it time for tourism dependent nations to rethink the metrics for success? Should they abandon growth based on the quantity of visitors and refocus on what’s being called the quality tourist?

Changing direction

Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of reshaping the way we travel. Electric vehicles are expected to dominate the roads in the near future, but much more is being done to transform the car industry. What can we expect?

Rethinking risk

The pandemic has changed the way we view risk – everything from how we protect our businesses and livelihoods to how we think about our own health and wellness. What does that mean for the insurance industry?

Sustainable Travel

The coronavirus pandemic may be reshaping the airline industry, but sustainability is a key factor influencing the future. How will airlines balance the need to go green with getting back in the black?

Driving Growth

How is technology changing the logistics industry, will the e-commerce boom last and just how difficult will it be for shipping and freight to cut their emissions to meet the demands of customers and investors?

The Last Pandemic?

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Experiences reshaping tourism

As consumer expectations change, the tourism industry is focused on promoting experiences, like outdoor and wellness activities, to attract international tourists. Tanya Beckett talks to Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson for Sri Lanka Tourism, on how are shifting priorities reshaping the industry?

Technology in the driving seat

Technology is transforming the tyre industry - AI is helping companies test their products virtually and smart tyres aim to make driving safer. Can technology also help the industry meet sustainability and environmental goals? Namhwa Cho, President of Kumho Tire Europe, talks to Tanya Beckett.

Staying the course

After being battered by the pandemic, Tanya Beckett asks Topi Manner, CEO of Finnair, what the airline industry will look like in 5-10 years time. And how will a decision to stick to its long-term goals help rejuvenate his company?

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