In this exclusive online interview series for marketing and communication professionals, BBC World News Presenter, Aaron Heslehurst, explores how six leading brands responded to new business challenges in 2020 with smart insights and innovation.


Mark Phibbs

Vice President Global Marketing Insights and Analytics & APJC Marketing

With millions of people working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, how does CISCO help to keep the world connected and what is the future of commuting and business interactions? Discover how CISCO adapted its marketing strategy to a very different corporate world.


Akira Mitsumasu

Vice President, Global Marketing

The airline industry has been devastated by the pandemic. How are national carriers, such as JAL, responding to these unprecedented times? Can airlines still engage with passengers who are unable to fly – and how will they reassure travellers when they can finally return to the skies?


Cheryl Goh

Global Vice President of Marketing

Ride hailing apps have seen a dramatic drop in passengers during the pandemic. Find out how Grab - one of South East Asia’s most popular services – adapted to this challenge through digitization, diversification, deliveries, and communications that focused on acts, not ads.


Kjetil Undhjem

Head of Marketing & Brand Strategy

With millions unemployed and many more struggling with finances, how is ANZ - one of Australasia’s best-known banks – reassuring customers and adapting its communications to the economic situation? Why are banks busier than ever – and how can the finance industry emerge stronger from the challenges it faces today?


Jan-Paul Jeffrey

Head of Marketing for South East Asia

As people spend less time at the office, demand for streaming services has surged. Discover a surprising reason why Gen Z and millennials are flocking to Spotify, as well as key trends emerging from the platform’s four billion playlists - and the reason why so many listen late at night.


Artur Martins

Senior Vice President, Global Brand & Customer Experience

With the automotive industry under immense pandemic pressure, KIA evolved swiftly to support their customers in new ways and transform its traditional motor show presence into a social and digital experience. Discover how messaging changed, where advertising spend is today,- and why hitting the brakes simply wasn’t an option.