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Love Letters from Britain

The British luxury sector is one of the UK’s greatest export success stories. It has a huge cultural and economic impact - 80% of its production destined for overseas markets, it’s a major driver of international visitors to the UK.

The challenge:

We wanted to explore a new language luxury that was forming. It could be argued that brands in the luxury sector have traditionally been oblivious to mainstream market trends, relying on the wealthy few to continue to buy their products and services without having to change their narrative to reflect the environmental and societal challenges that we face.

But what we found was a mix between heritage and modernity – both supporting sustainability, diversity, craft and innovation. There are passionate people driving the British luxury sector forward in a new direction where profit and purpose can live in harmony, and this is being used a modern selling point to the world. Equally, the care and craft of the sector has kept brands in good stead with luxury is often regarded as ‘anything that can repaired’, which bodes well for a ‘circular’ economy in the sense products last and are re-used - the antithesis to fast-fashion.

Love Letters from Britain brings to life exactly why the very best of Britain’s creative, entrepreneurial and innovation talent is the secret to the UK’s international appeal and why these iconic brands are a powerful and alluring calling card for the country.

The Solution:

Love Letters from Britain is a unique series of short films exploring why British brands lead the way in defining a new era of luxury. Featuring innovative automotive stories from Bentley and McLaren, finely balanced stories of fragrance from Jo Malone and clever leather innovation from Mulberry, among many others.

Love Letters from Britain launched in July 2021 to great success. Utilising the essence of wit, style, form, function, tradition and craft, the series told 20 stories of innovation through films and articles housed on a bespoke hubsite and promoted through social media and display advertising.

The Results:

In 12 months since launch we have seen an incredible reach into engaged global audiences across social media. We’ve created an online community of people discussing luxury and British creativity. We’ve recorded over 19.2 million impressions from organic posts using #LoveLettersFromBritain and global audiences have watched from that 8000 hours of our films across social media. We hope that this is just the start of a global conversation on British luxury.

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