Programme Partnerships

The Programme Partnerships team within BBC StoryWorks deliver award-winning digital series to audiences outside the UK. With our BBC storytelling heritage, we look deeper into the issues shaping society for organisations leading change.

We work with global partners to create digital series on the issues that matter. Through unique research and insight we create original commercial content that tells stories from organisations and brands to audiences and beyond, delivering formidable results.

A Multi Award-Winning Team

Raising voices

In the Caring with Courage series, presented by the International Council of Nurses, we explored the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. This story, produced for the Mastercard Foundation, tells the story of the nurse inspiring girls to be proud of their period.

From heritage to the here and now

Love Letters From Britain, presented by The Walpole, explores the world of British Luxury. What it means to be a modern man is a concept that is constantly evolving – and so too is luxury menswear brand, Dunhill. From founder Alfred Dunhill's original inspiration in 1893, to new creative director, Mark Weston's vision for the future, this pioneering heritage brand has always had innovation at its core.

A healing heart

Humans have a remarkable capacity for imagination and invention – the Age of Change series, presented by WWF International, shows what can be achieved when we exist in harmony with nature, rather than against it. In this film produced for Terraformation, we discover how conservation specialists are bringing back the disappearing trees of their home through sharing seeds and knowledge.


Building a Better Future Study

Buildings and the construction industry produce almost 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. Green buildings, which preserve rather than harm the environment by saving energy and water, can play a huge role in tackling the climate emergency. They also have the potential to greatly improve our health, wellbeing and happiness. Building a Better Future, presented by the World Green Building Council, explored what the construction sector is doing to become more sustainable to help us lead happier, healthier lives.

NCD Alliance Case Study

They're the world's biggest killers. Non-communicable diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes account for 70 percent of all deaths. But many of these diseases can be prevented and the suffering from their effects reduced. Turning the Tide is a series of short films about the bold actions being carried out by communities and organisations to take on NCDs. The stories are about the small and significant changes being made for better, healthier lives.

Love Letters from Britain case study

The British luxury sector is one of the UK’s greatest export success stories. It has a huge cultural and economic impact - 80% of its production destined for overseas markets, it’s a major driver of international visitors to the UK. Love Letters from Britain, presented by The Walpole, brings to life exactly why the very best of Britain’s creative, entrepreneurial and innovation talent is the secret to the UK’s international appeal and why these iconic brands are a powerful and alluring calling card for the country.