YouTube Pre-roll videos

YouTube Pre-Roll Video ads run before a regular YouTube video starts. Pre-roll ads are usually 15, 30, or 60 seconds long and cannot be skipped, so viewers must watch it all before their video begins.

Markets Availability All available markets
Device Availability Dimensions (w x h)

Mobile App


Accepted Ad Formats


3rd party

VAST 2.0/3.0 Tag

VPAID not accepted

3rd party vendor must be on BBC's approved vendor list

Max Video Duration 5 to 15 sec video: Skippable or Non-skippable 15sec to 30sec: Skippable or Non Skippable Above 31 + sec max to 90 sec -Skippable only (Skip button within first 6 seconds of the ad) Skip function is a countdown of 6 sec at which point the user can skip the Ad. Skip function will appear at the bottom right corner
Max File Size

Up to 15 sec video: 1.1 MB

Up to 30sec video: 2.2 MB

Up to 60sec video: 3.3 MB

Up to 90sec video: 4.4 MB

Video Execution Guideline

Skip function must be enabled at 6 sec point for duration longer than 31 +sec - Skip function is a countdown of 6 sec at which point the user can skip the video Ad. This will be at the bottom right- hand corner

Video Duration: 90 sec max

AVC: Yes (Baseline: Level 3.0)

Aspect ratio: 16:9 only

Resolution: 640x360

Video bitrate: Up to 512kbps

Video Codec: H.264

Frame rate: 25 FPS (PAL) recommended

Audio Sample Size: 16 bit (48 kHz) Audio bitrate: 96 kbps

Audio format:HE-AAC

Audio level range: -3 dBfs to -1 dBfs

Audio Channel: 2 channel stereo mix

Protocol: HTTP Progressive download

Audio Guidelines NA. (Sound will be on in this video content environment)
Execution Guidelines Ensure landing page are mobile optimized for Mobile Web placements
Short Intro for Overview Page Attain contextual alignment in a high-quality format with Onsite Pre-Roll Video. Reach relevant and engaged users in a creative and harmonious manner
Ad Submission Deadline 5 Working Days
Ad Policies and Technical Specifications BBC Ad Policies and Technical Specs
Specs Updated 11-Jan-22