Pre-Roll Video

A Pre-Roll Video ad automatically plays before a featured video on both mobile and desktop with non-skip functionality for videos up to 30 seconds.

Markets Availablity All available markets
Device Availablity Dimensions (w x h)

Desktop, Mobile Web


Accepted Ad Formats


3rd party

VAST 2.0/3.0 Tag

VPAID 1.0 /2.0 Tag

3rd party vendor must be on BBC's approved vendor list

Max Video Duration

5 to 15 sec video: Skippable or Non-skippable 15sec to 30sec: Skippable or Non Skippable

Above 31 + sec max to 90 sec -Skippable only (Skip button within first 6 seconds of the ad)

Skip function is a countdown of 6 sec at which point the user can skip the Ad.

Skip function will appear at the bottom right corner

Max File Size

Up to 15 sec video: 1.1 MB

Up to 30sec video: 2.2 MB

Up to 60sec video: 3.3 MB

Up to 90sec video: 4.4 MB

Video Execution Guideline

Skip function must be enabled at 6 sec point for duration longer than 31 +sec - Skip function is a countdown of 6 sec at which point the user can skip the video Ad. This will be at the bottom right- hand corner

Video Duration: 90 sec max

AVC: Yes (Baseline: Level 3.0)

Aspect ratio: 16:9 only

Resolution: 640x360

Video bitrate: Up to 512kbps

Video Codec: H.264

Frame rate: 25 FPS (PAL) recommended

Audio Sample Size: 16 bit (48 kHz) Audio bitrate: 96 kbps

Audio format:HE-AAC

Audio level range: -3 dBfs to -1 dBfs

Audio Channel: 2 channel stereo mix

Protocol: HTTP Progressive download

Third Party Ad Serving Creatives Allowed - VAST Tag / VPAID Tag
Audio Guidelines NA. (Sound will be on in this video content environment)
Execution Guidelines Ensure landing page are mobile optimized for Mobile Web placements
Ad Submission Deadline 5 Working Days
Ad Policies and Technical Specifications BBC Ad Policies and Technical Specs
Specs Updated 24-5-21