The Headliner ad appears at the top of the page in a 970x250 slot and pushes the content when expanded. It works across desktop devices and large tablets, and is fully responsive to page width.

Markets Availability All available markets
Device Availability Dimensions (w x h)

Desktop & Large Tablet (Landscape) Only

Width: Minimum 986px, but fully responsive to page width

Height: 250px collapsed; 500px expanded

Accepted Ad Format:

3rd party Ad Serving Tag

Image files (jpg, png, gif, tiff): No size limit when providing for design; high-res (1000px min ideally)

Allowed - Deviceful *only*

Execution Guideline

1 pixel black/dark border for creative that has white background.

Ad cannot resemble BBC contents.

Ensure images and landing page are mobile web optimized.

CLIENT TO PROVIDE: Image and/or video assets; design files (PSD, EPS, AI) and/or PDF of storyboards; copy (Word doc or in email)

Animation/Looping Guidelines Animation & Looping: Allowed. Up to 30sec max
Banner Expansion Guidelines

User click-to-expand DOWN (pushes down site content): to 500px

User click-to-collapse

Full canvas size (collapsed): 2160x500

Safe zone (collapsed): 1972x500 (centered in canvas)

Full canvas size (expanded): 2160x1000

Safe zone (expanded): 1972x1000 (centered in canvas)

Video Guidelines

Allowed: 15sec recommended

User click to play, sound on mute

Must implement Play/Pause, Audio On/Off Toggle Button

Video Max File size: 2.2MB

Frame rate: 24fps recommended

Audio Guidelines

Allowed - Sound must be on mute.

Must implement Audio On/Off Toggle button

Ad Submission Deadline 14 Working Days: Deviceful has 9-day turnaround time to create unit; BBC has 5-day turnaround time for trafficking.
Ad Policies and Technical Specifications BBC Ad Policies and Technical Specs
Specs Updated 24-5-21