The New Exec Mindset

Nov 2022

Discover what’s going on in the heads of Business Decision Makers and what this means for brands.

Gen Z

June 22, 2022

Our new insight study looks at what makes Gen Z tick, including their relationship with brands.

Reset CEO Edit

Nov 2022

With the environment, sustainability and the economy at the top of the global agenda, CEO Edit talks to global CEOs on what new developments and changes they are making.

The Tipping Point

Oct 15, 2021

Hear from our experts who are all reporting from the frontlines of climate change.

Taking the Sustainability Leap - India Edition

Sept 23, 2021

Marketers share how brands are embracing sustainability beyond their marketing campaigns.

Restart & Reset 2.0 for Travel

Aug 10, 2021

How prepared is India and its neighbouring countries after the second wave of COVID-19?