NCD Alliance Case Study

They're the world's biggest killers. Non-communicable diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes account for 70 percent of all deaths. But many of these diseases can be prevented and the suffering from their effects reduced. Turning the Tide is a series of short films about the bold actions being carried out by communities and organisations to take on NCDs. The stories are about the small and significant changes being made for better, healthier lives.

The challenge:

Tell the stories of how buildings significantly affect our environment and wellbeing, especially relevant to explore during a period of time where, around the world, people are spending more time inside their homes than ever before. Additionally, we faced significant filming challenges from Covid-19 as regional lockdowns happened across all of our filming locations.

The response:

  • We ran an extensive 6 week social campaign across Twitter and Facebook, supported by a 12 month display advertising campaign on
  • The series launched at the third Global NCD Alliance Forum on 9-11 February 2020 in Sharjah, UAE.

The results:

  • The launch event was a huge success with the BBC Programme Partnerships teams session on "Think like a broadcaster" gaining the highest approval rating from delegates.
  • 11m impressions across social media
  • 4.3m video views across social media
  • 2.3m engagements across social media
  • 36 million impressions across audiences (after only 3 months)

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