The New Exec Mindset

Brands and agencies come to BBC News because we attract an affluent, global audience of Business Decision Makers. But in an ever-changing world, we wanted to know what challenges this group are facing, what is their mindset and how should this translate into your advertising and branded content.

Initially using innovative AI techniques to establish the trends of the modern Exec, we went on to carry out interviews with C-suites and conducted a global online survey with 800 Business Decision Makers from 10 countries.

Download a snapshot of the study below.

We discovered:

  • Leadership style has moved from “I” to “We”
  • There’s a focus on mental health – 80% agree that making sure workers are happy is more important than striving for growth and profit
  • Likewise half thought sustainability trumps profits too.

Drilling down further, we discovered 5 emerging traits, a blend of leading-edge thinking and ancient ideas, relevant to today’s Exec.

The Zelensky Effect

Drawing inspiration from Ukraine’s President, this trait embodies leaders who are optimistic despite the state of the world. Such optimism and positivity requires courage.


Today’s leaders are improvising and coming up with creative, and even sometimes scrappy, solutions that are ultimately smart.

Respect Your Youngers

Overthrowing traditional models of authority, Gen Z workers are turning management on its head. Leaders are feeling inspired by the energy of their younger colleagues.


As the zen saying goes, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few." Accelerated by the shift to digital, leaders know they need to never stop learning.

Super Pivot

This is a readiness to challenge long-held beliefs, having an ultra-agile mindset and being able to react in real time.

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