Times Square [TSQ] - 990x1

Times Square is a new ad format that will run only on the Homepage.  Always Expanded with no close button.

Device Availablity Dimensions (w x h)

Mobile Web (on Large Tablets*; Landscape only)

Expanded State: 1920x480

Accepted Ad Formats

Gif, Jpeg, PNG-150 KB

HTML5-Zip folder 100KB

3rd party Ad Serving Tag

3rd party vendor must be on BBC's approved vendor list

Message (character limit) No
CTA (character limit)


CTA (Click-through URLformat) Ex: Learn More
Hero Image

Expanded State: 1920x480 (Desktop only)

Safe zone (px) 1px black border (Desktop only)

Background Image Safe zone (px) 1px black border (Desktop only)
In-Banner Video Allowed (y/n)? Yes
In-Banner Video File Size and Format Video Max File size: 4 MB
In-Banner Video Requirements and Limitations

Allowed: Recommended 30 sec, available

Must implement Play/Pause, Audio On/OffToggle Button

Frame rate: 24fps recommended

Audio Allowed (y/n)  User click to play, sound on mute
Audio Option (e.g. User Initiated on Click)  User click to play, sound on mute
Audio Restrictions (e.g. Volume)  -12db
Animation Allowed (y/n)?  Yes
Animation File Size and Format  HTML5
Animation Requirements and Limitations  Animation & Looping:Allowed; Up to 30 sec max
Site Placement

Above Header on HP

Below Header on Site Sections

 Ad Serving Type

Third-Party Served [tracking tags] (y/n): Y

 Ad Submission Deadline

5 Working Days

Ad Policies and Technical Specifications BBC Ad Policies and Technical Specs
Specs Updated 08-11-23