Super Headliner

This format appears on top on page in full expansion view, with user initiation to collapse. Fully responsive to 100% page width..

Markets Availability All available markets
Device Availability Dimensions (w x h)

Desktop & Large Tablet (Landscape) Only

Width: Minimum 986px, but fully responsive to 100% page width

Height: 500px deep - collapsable to 250px deep

Accepted Ad Format:

3rd party Ad Serving Tag

Image files (jpg, png, gif, tiff): No size limit when providing for design; high-res (1000px min ideally)

Allowed - Deviceful *only*

Execution Guideline

1 pixel black/dark border for creative that has white background.

Ad cannot resemble BBC contents.

Ensure images and landing page are mobile web optimized.

CLIENT TO PROVIDE: Image and/or video assets; design files (PSD, EPS, AI) and/or PDF of storyboards; copy (Word doc or in email)

Animation/Looping Guidelines Animation & Looping: Allowed. Up to 30sec max
Banner Expansion Guidelines

Always expand DOWN to 500px on rendering.

User click-to-collapse

Video Guidelines

Allowed: Recommended 30sec, available up to 60sec

User click to play, sound on mute

Must implement Play/Pause, Audio On/Off Toggle Button

Video Max File size: 4MB

Frame rate: 24fps recommended

Audio Guidelines

Allowed - Sound must be on mute.

Must implement Audio On/Off Toggle button

Ad Submission Deadline 14 Working Days: Deviceful has 9-day turnaround time to create unit; BBC has 5-day turnaround time for trafficking.
Ad Policies and Technical Specifications BBC Ad Policies and Technical Specs
Specs Updated 15-5-23