LiveIntent Email

The LiveIntent Email ad uses a responsive medium rectangle format and appears mid-page in our popular consumer News and Features emails.

Markets Availability All available markets
Device Availability Dimensions (w x h)

Desktop & Mobile Web
300x250, 970x250, 970x550 (We can also traffic 728×90 and 320x50 but the above sizes are the base requirement for campaigns)

Accepted Ad Formats

Gif, Jpeg, PNG - 250kb

3rd party vendor must be on BBC's approved vendor list

HTML5 Not Allowed
Polite Download & Source Format NA
Third Party Ad Serving Creatives For optimal performance, please provide 1x1 impression tracker, click tracker, and image file per each placement.

Please make sure the Static Tags (Standard Images and/or no script section of Javascript tags) are running the same creatives as the Javascript tags in order to ensure the correct images serve.

If you are currently using DCM standard tags, we ask that you provide the following as soon as possible:
Raw image asset
1 X 1 impression tracker
Click tracker
Execution Guideline

1 pixel black/dark border for creative that has white background.
Ad cannot resemble BBC contents.
Ensure images and landing page are mobile web optimized for Mobile Web
Click through URLs: Always use original links to advertiser's landing page, never use or other URL shortener.

Creative Requirements

3-5 creative concepts per ad size recommended
Complete creative rendering must be in the first frame of animation
*Please note that GIFs do not function with Native Ad Blueprints
*Creatives have a clear “Call to Action”.
*Creatives display your company logo.
*All creatives that have a white or gray background must have a border around the image of at least 1px thick.

*Please note:
Images for display creatives can support a maximum file size of 250KB.
Images for Native Ad Blueprint creatives can support a maximum file size of 1024KB.
Logos for Native Ad Blueprint creatives can support a maximum file size of 250KB.

A note on native images vs logos: Native images are the images featured in a native creative, while native logos are the images of advertiser logos that are used above the featured image to notate the sponsorship.

Animation/Looping Guidelines

Animation & Looping: Allowed. Up to 30sec max
Gif frame rate: 5 fps or slower ; 3 loops

Video Guidelines No Video Allowed
Audio Guidelines No Audio Allowed
Short Intro for Overview Page It is an emailer
Ad Submission Deadline 5 Working Days
Ad Policies and Technical Specifications BBC Ad Policies and Technical Specs
Specs Updated 13-7-23