LiveIntent Email

The LiveIntent Email ad uses a responsive medium rectangle format and appears mid-page in our popular consumer News and Features emails.

Markets Availability All available markets
Device Availability Dimensions (w x h)

Desktop & Mobile Web


Accepted Ad Formats

Gif, Jpeg, PNG - 40 Kb

3rd party vendor must be on BBC's approved vendor list

HTML5 Not Allowed
Polite Download & Source Format NA
Third Party Ad Serving Creatives NA
Execution Guideline

1 pixel black/dark border for creative that has white background.

Ad cannot resemble BBC contents.

Ensure images and landing page are mobile web optimized for Mobile Web

Click through URLs: Always use original links to advertiser's landing page, never use or other URL shorterner.

Animation/Looping Guidelines

Animation & Looping: Allowed. Up to 30sec max

Gif frame rate: 5 fps or slower

Video Guidelines No Video Allowed
Audio Guidelines No Audio Allowed
Ad Submission Deadline 5 Working Days
Ad Policies and Technical Specifications BBC Ad Policies and Technical Specs
Specs Updated 24-5-21